Location: unless otherwise stated, all TripleA 6 events will take place at the room 32-D461. (Lunch will be served on the 8th floor lounge of the Linguistics Department in the same building.) Make sure to get the elevator in Dreyfoos tower, which is closest to the Vassar St. entrance.

NB: In order to help reduce waste, we will not print physical copies of the program. Nevertheless, eduroam and an unsecured MIT wifi are available should participants want to check the program online.

A PDF with the program can be downloaded here.

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Friday: May 31st, 2019

10:15am Registration & refreshments
10:45am Opening remarks (Roger Schwarzschild)
  Plenary talk (chair: Roger Schwarzschild)
11:00am Ken Safir Clausal Complementation and Mutual Selection
12pm Lunch (catered; 8th floor lounge, Linguistics & Philosophy dept.)
  Session #1 (chair: Diti Bhadra)
1:40pm Izabela Jordanoska Verum particles in Wolof
2:20pm Muriel Assmann, Daniel Büring, Izabela Jordanoska, Max Prüller Second occurence focus in Wolof
3pm Frank Staniszewski Wolof (non) polarity sensitive item dara
3:40pm Coffee break
  Session #2 (chair: Martin Hackl)
4pm Faruk Akkuş Implicit argument as a free variable: Evidence from pronoun licensing
4:40pm Madeleine Booth Semantics of Resumptive Pronouns in Cairene Arabic
5:20pm End



Saturday: June 1st, 2019

8:45am Breakfast
  Session #3 (chair: Christopher Baron)
09:20 Margit Bowler & John Gluckman Polysemy and degree scales in Logoori
10am Maida Percival Degree constructions and directed scale segments in Eastern Oromo
10:40am Coffee break
  Plenary talk (chair: Sandra Chung)
11am Virginia Dawson Paths to exceptional wide scope: choice functions in Tiwa
12pm Lunch* (catered; 8th floor lounge, Linguistics & Philosophy dept.)
  Session #4 (chair: Kathryn Davidson)
1:30pm Deniz Satik Interpreting the nonfinite logophoric pronoun in Ewe
2:10pm Abigail Anne Bimpeh & Frank Sode Puzzling sloppy readings of the logophoric pronoun yè in Ewe
2:50pm Break
  Session #5 (chair: Sherry Chen)
3pm Sarath Chandran Manthodi & Rahul Balusu NPI/FCIs of Malayalam: Division of labour between wh-engilum & wh-um
3:40pm Tamisha Tan Colloquial Singapore English Particle What and the (Un)Common Ground
4:20pm Coffee break
  Plenary talk (chair: Gennaro Chierchia)
4:40pm Diti Bhadra Questions with and about disjunction
5:40pm Business meeting

*The COSWL Pop-Up Mentoring session will be held at this time



Sunday: June 2nd, 2019

8:30am Breakfast
  Plenary talk (chair: Norvin Richards)
9am Sandra Chung A Different Perspective on Control
10am Coffee break  
  Session #6 (chair: Virginia Dawson)
10:20am Yi-Hsun Chen Classifiers are not for nouns (but for numerals) - evidence from Chinese
11am Augustina P. Owusu & Sampson Korsah Bare nouns in Akan revisited
11:40am Luisa Martí The semantics of noun prefixes in Imere
12:20pm End