Getting to MIT



From Boston Logan International Airport, the cheapest way to get to the MIT campus is a combination of bus and subway (known as ‘the T’). There are several options. The most convenient one is a combination of the Silver Line (bus) to South Station and the Red Line subway to the Kendall/MIT station.

  • Upon exiting the baggage claim area, go to the stop for the Silver Line. At most terminals, you can find the stop by going to the right after exiting the baggage claim area. The Silver Line stop is marked with a bus stop sign with the T-logo (white circle containing a black letter T).
  • Take the Silver Line to South Station. The Silver Line are the silver buses that are marked SL1 South Station.
  • Get off at South Station.
  • At South Station, take the Red Line subway inbound (towards Alewife).
  • Get off at Kendall/MIT for the conference site.


Most long distance buses to Boston, as well as Amtrak-trains arrive at Boston’s South Station. From there take the red line to Kendall/MIT.

Directions from the Kendall/MIT subway station to the workshop site (4 minute walk)

  • Upon exiting the Kendall/MIT station, take Main Street (along the MIT COOP).
  • At the first intersection (Main Street with Ames Street), there is a walkway between two buildings on your left. This leads towards a field. Take that walkway.
  • Once you arrive at the field you will see a building straight ahead with a peculiar architecture (no straight walls, odd geometrical shapes, etc). That is the Stata Center.

Parking information

Parking information for visitors at MIT can be found here.

(This is based on a post by the organizing committee of FASAL 7)